Shandra Milstein/Owner


Shandra loves being active. She grew up in California and spent most of her free time outside hiking, swimming in the family pool and riding horses. Her parents loved the outdoors, camping and fishing and she still does. Her grandfather used to tell her that she would make a great teacher but she had no idea at the age of 12 that she would grow up and be a health and wellness teacher. She found her niche teaching and helping people to take care of their bodies through exercise, nutrition. She also teaches people the importance of regeneration techniques like The MELT Method, Massage and learning the importance of  eating healthy foods. Shandra enjoys hiking, running, teaching fitness classes, camping and exploring new places. Her certifications include ACE personal trainer and exercise specialist, The MELT Method hand and foot, length and strength instructor, Keiser Spin, Yoga Fit, TRX and Outdoor Fitness from Tina Vindham

Join Shandra and experience an adventure in fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. Experience life and live it the fullest.


You are important! Treat yourself today by starting on the path to a healthy lifestyle.


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