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Got Glutes 

With Shandra Milstein

Glute Amnesia, have you ever been told your glutes are not activating? Your hips are weak?

The glute…

  • Extend the hip
  • Laterally rotate the hip
  • Abduct the hip
  • Adduct the hip
  • Posterior tilt the pelvis
  • Hips are designed for thrusting

Safe to say the hips depend on the glutes. And last time I checked, if you want to walk or run you sorta need your hips!

10 Warning signs your glutes are Inhibited

  • Decreased hip mobility
  • Your lower back hurts
  • knee pain
  • Locked ankles or chronic ankle sprains
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shoulder decreased motion or pain – Say what?? The glutes connect via fascia across the body to the opposite shoulder via the Posterior Oblique Sling. When glutes are inhibited the fascia becomes tight and he shoulder range of motion is restricted. If you can’t generate force from the ground up and across the body to the shoulder when you throw, you overuse the arm to generate power. The should does the role of the glutes. And it then hurts.
  • Tight psoas muscles
  • Groin or hamstring pulls
  • Lateral Elbow pain (see shoulder)
  • BONUS:  Tension headaches, Say what again??When the glutes become inhibited you can lose fascial tensioning around the hip driving force needed for forward propulsion. Superficial Back line of fascia. The loss of elastic energy recoil in the fascia along the back line leads to compensation overuse in the neck extensors. The overuse increases muscular tension in the back of the head. You get a tension headache.

Sign up early for this workshop, spaces are limited. Handouts with all the exercises and more will be given to each participant. This is not a one time fixes all, it is work to get those glutes on board again so you will have homework.

Sign up at Timberhill Athletic club’s front counter 541-758-8559

Member cost $20.00

Non-Member cost $25.00


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