Workout with Shandra, Outdoors and Indoors 

Boot Camp style  class takes advantage of every movement your body was born to move in!! Workouts meet in different locations outdoors and indoors where we can use equipment, stair cases, benches, hills, parks. Creativity will never have you bored in these classes. Cardiovascular, strength training and interval training to give you the best possible workout in 60 minutes. We do a full body dynamic warm up and a full body cool down and stretch.

Boot camp works every muscle with pushing, pulling, lunging, squatting and rotating. Classes are taught in circuit style and interval style formats allowing each participant to work at their own level. You will be able to track your own changes as you get stronger, leaner, healthier! You will not waste 1 minute in this amazing class, it simply does it all, strength training, core training, cardiovascular training,and balance training. It’s a “real world” workout!!

We use body weight, dumb bells, Stability Balls, TRX trainers, jump ropes, medicine balls, bands and the natural environment around us.

*Metabolic Conditioning classes meet every Tuesday and Thursday 5:45am – 6:45am at Timberhill Athletic Club in Studio C or in the downstairs gym. Membership is not required, a walk in fee of $12.00 to take class then have full use of the gym, hot tub, pool, sauna, showers. Start your day off right!!

Common Questions Answered

1.Q.  When does class meet – A. 5:30am – 6:30am Beginning June 2017-Class times and meeting locations vary, please contact Shandra for more information. Metabolic Conditioning indoors meet Tuesday and Thursday, 5:45am – 6:45am at Timberhill Athletic club. Bring your water and the desire to work hard and sweat at your pace!

2. Q How much does class cost?  A. $10.00 per class Pretty darn cheap compared to what you pay at the local workout type of places in town, wow!!!!

3. Q My first time to class, what do I need to know and bring?  A. A Yoga mat and water. If this is your first time to class you will need to contact Shandra before coming to class. She will want to know a brief history about any current or past injuries. There is waiver that you will need to sign before class so come early to check in and meet with her.

Class etiquette, please read/

*Arrive 5-10 minutes early to set up and warm up

*If you must leave early tell your instructor before class starts

*Some meeting locations may be close to neighborhoods were people are still sleeping. Please keep voices in these areas low so we don’t wake up the animals 🙂 Of the course so we do not wake up the people too 🙂

*If you have any injuries please tell your instructor or email at before the beginning of a class.

*Try to eat something small like a banana before coming to class and bring water

Tips for a successful early morning workout

*Get some sleep the night before

*Drink water before coming to class, hydrate

*Have a small snack as your body has fasted all night. Banana, nuts or part of smoothie.

*Get your clothes out the night before, be ready!!

*Bring water to class


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