Workout with Shandra, Timberhill Athletic club, outdoor or in

 Workout with Shandra, Outdoors and Indoors 

Shandra currently teaches at Timberhill Athletic Club and workshops at Pacific Yew Yoga in Albany.

Early birds can take her Metabolic Conditioning class at Timberhill from 5:45am – 6:45am. It is reminiscent of a Boot Camp class. She uses bodyweight, dumb bells, resistance bands every class is different and offers a full functional workout. Limitations due to past injuries can be modified to fit what your body needs. You will keep your hear going throughout this 60 minute class that includes full warm up, cardio, strength, core and stretching.

MELT class is every Tuesday and Thursday at Timberhill from 1:30pm – 2:30pm. If you are a beginner to MELT class please contact Shandra first at 541-207-8526 or email her at

Outdoor Boot Camp, summer 2018. Boot Camp style  class takes advantage of every movement your body was born to move in!! Workouts meet in different locations outdoors and indoors where we can use equipment, stair cases, benches, hills, parks. Creativity will never have you bored in these classes. Cardiovascular, strength training and interval training to give you the best possible workout in 60 minutes. We do a full body dynamic warm up and a full body cool down and stretch.

Boot camp works every muscle with pushing, pulling, lunging, squatting and rotating. Classes are taught in circuit style and interval style formats allowing each participant to work at their own level. You will be able to track your own changes as you get stronger, leaner, healthier! You will not waste 1 minute in this amazing class, it simply does it all, strength training, core training, cardiovascular training,and balance training. It’s a “real world” workout! (CHECK BACK FOR MORE INFORMATION AND START DATE)

MELT workshops and classes at Pacific Yew Yoga (Please check back for upcoming dates)



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