MELT method Corvallis intro class

The next MELT intro class is Friday February 27th from 5:30pm – 7:00pm at Timberhill Athletic club. Sign up early, contact Shandra or Timberhill at 541-757-8559 $35.00 members $40.00 non-members

Reduce pain from arthritis, carpal tunnel, foot issues, recovery faster from workouts, and slow the process of aging way down. The MELT method does all of this and more! The MELT method works on re-hydrating the connective tissue system which supports, protects and stabilizes all the muscles, joints, is wrapped around those and the organs, ligaments and tendons. When this system is dehydrated due to stuck stress it causes inflammation and weaknesses in the entire body. Just 10 minutes 3 times per week MELTing your hands or feet or working with the soft MELT roller will eliminate these aches and pains so you can do everything better! Go longer in your sport, lift heavier at the gym, finally feel relieve from back, hip, shoulder and all other joint pain. Learn how to take care of yourself and heal your body.

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