MELT/Exercise training 1 on 1

Are you currently working out and still have pain someplace? Maybe you are doing cardio and just can’t figure out why you are not losing weight or toning up? Do you wake up in the morning and just don’t feel refreshed and your body is achy?

You are most likely experiencing the side affects of dehydrated connective tissue. The C.T. is dehydrated it acts like a dried out old sponge. There is no elasticity, no mobility, not freedom of movement and your body is stuck. This creates inflammation which causes so many pain symptoms in the body. Pain causes the nervous system to be “on guard” all the time. You might eat poorly or not at all, you may stop exercising because it hurts, you know where I am going. It is a domino affect that can be stopped.

Lets meet so I can help you get out of pain with the MELT method and proper exercise and nutrition.

 Shandra is excited to work with you. She can arrange private sessions or small group sessions for MELT, Personal Training or Nutritional guidance. She will go through a thorough health history then a full fitness assessment.

This evaluation helps you determine where your body is now so that you have all the critical information you need before you even consider starting exercise with any trainer.   Shandra will sit down with you to learn about your health history, any past injuries, your training history and your specific goals. You will then be evaluated on your range of motion and flexibility.

You’ll also be screened for any imbalances you may have that could eventually cause an injury. 

Shandra trains at Timberhill Athletic club, outdoors and in off site venues for workshops or workplace fitness programs. Please contact her at shan7

Training Session Prices

MELT Method private Sessions first session 75 minutes, $85.00

MELT Method private Session, 55 minutes $65.00

Exercise or Nutritional training 55 minutes $65.00

Any 30 minute session $35.00

Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted. 





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